THE COMPANY” means 359plus LLC, which is the distributor of www.8hristo.com for USА.

SELLER” The Seller is the person with whom, when purchasing goods, the User enters into a contract for distance selling. In this case this is 359plus LLC.

E-SHOP” is the website www.8hristo.com.

INTERNET SITE” is the page www.8hristo.com.

USER” or “CUSTOMER” is any natural or legal person or other legal entity that uses www.8hristo.com.

ITEM” or “PRODUCT” is any product offered by www.8hristo.com.

ORDER” is a request made by a User for the purchase of an item.

SALE AGREEMENT” is the distance contract for the purchase and sale of goods between the Seller and the User.

COURIER” is a trader who physically delivers the product purchased by the User.

PERSONAL DATA” means personal data within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act


  1. Access to the e-shop is free.

    1. To purchase items, you need to register with a password and e-mail or the recipient’s name, email, phone and delivery address. Registration is free.

  2. The content of the e-shop is subject to copyright, property of the Company.

    1. In this sense, copying or downloading information from the website does not entitle you to copyright.

    2. An e-shop is a merchant who offers items to its counterparties and is not responsible if they provide incorrect information about the items.

    3. The e-shop entitles the owners of other sites to post links to www.8hristo.com.

    4. Copying information and posting it on other Internet sites without the express written consent of the Company is prohibited.

  3. In the e-shop each item has a price and description for it.

    1. The price of the goods does not include courier fees.

    2. When purchasing, the user must also indicate the address and telephone number for delivery.

  4. Purchase and confirmation.

    1. The user can add to the cart the desired item by pressing a button that is available for each item.

    2. The user must go to the cart, where all the items added by him are positioned together with their unit and total value.

    3. At the “order” stage, the user must enter his data and press the button to complete the order.

    4. Upon completion of the order, each user receives an automatic e-mail from the e-shop. The message states the order number, the ordered items, as well as other details in this regard.

    5. If the order is not confirmed, it is not considered complete.

    6. The sales contract is considered concluded after the order is confirmed.

    7. The e-shop is not responsible for non-fulfillment of orders in cases of incorrect, incomplete or incorrectly specified data by the user.

    8. The user can refuse the order without having to state the reasons for this.

    9. Orders in the e-shop are accepted around the clock.

  5. Delivery and payment of items

    1. Delivery is made only on successfully accepted orders.

    2. Delivery is not available on Sundays and public holidays.

    3. Delivery is made within 3-5 business days

    4. We use USPS, UPS or FedEx as our delivery companies

    5. If the user does not provide access to the address specified by him or does not request the shipment from the specified office, the Seller is released from the obligation to perform the delivery.

    6. Payment can be made in several ways:
      – Credit or debit card;

  6. Complaint and withdrawal from the contract.

    1. Each user has the right to withdraw from the contract and return the item purchased from the e-shop.

    2. The right under the previous paragraph shall be exercised within 30 days of receipt of the item.

    3. Withdrawal from the contract may be made before the courier upon delivery of the goods, if the goods are delivered after the deadline for reasons beyond the control of the User

    4. In case of refusal, the consumer is obliged to return the item in undamaged commercial debt.

    5. In case the item is paid, in case of withdrawal from the contract, the amount paid by the User is refunded within /thirty/ days.

    6. Amounts are not refundable if the User does not return the item.

    7. The user may not state a reason for the cases under the previous paragraph.

    8. The user does not owe a penalty or compensation.

    9. The consumer has the right to claim in cases where the product does not comply with the agreement between the parties.

    10. The discrepancy is expressed in:
      – Sent wrong item;
      – Missing parts of the article;
      – Damaged item;
      – Mismatch in size or color of the item.

    11. The complaint is submitted to the email address: [email protected]

    12. Upon filing a complaint, the user is obliged to return the received item within 14 days.

    13. In case of a complaint, the user has the right to replace the item or request a refund of the amount paid by him.

    14. In case of a complaint, the consumer is obliged to keep the commercial appearance of the item, together with the original packaging and label.

    15. When exchanging items, the transport costs are at the expense of the User, unless the replacement is due to the fault of the e-shop.

    16. In case the consumer has ordered more than one item, but has exercised the right of withdrawal or complaint for only one, the Purchase Agreement is reserved for the other items.

    17. Questions related to the right of withdrawal or complaint can be made to email: [email protected]

  7. Personal data is used for the purposes of the e-shop.

    1. More information related to personal data can be found in the “Privacy Policy” section.

    2. Each user can contact the e-shop at the indicated telephone numbers and email addresses.

www.8hristo.com for US is presented and operated by;

359plus LLC

1205 Edgewater court

Salisbury, NC 28146

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +1 704 619 0384