Johan Cruyff “For me, Bulgaria means Hristo Stoichkov. He’s the indisputable master of scoring beautiful goals, but I didn’t bring him to Barça because of that, but because of his character. Inspired, ambitious, hungry for victory! This was precisely the kind of player I needed to build a Dream Team the world might wish for.”
Lionel Messi “Maestro Stoichkov filled us with ambition and gave us strength. He always said that it didn’t matter how many goals you scored, it was whether Barcelona won and whether Barcelona was on top!”
Sir Bobby Robson “When I was managing Barça, I knew that, for Barcelona, señor Stoichkov was something more than top goal scorer and leader of the team. He was even something more than mayor of the city. An undoubted idol who I liked a lot.”
Pele “Stoichkov is having a great career and is a paragon of professionalism. His life is devoted to football and to people. He is respected throughout the world for his humanity and his work to develop young talent. And like everyone I have always liked him.”
Franco Baresi “Stoichkov had the courage to prove himself in one of the most competitive championships. "Leader of Bulgaria, winner of the Golden Ball - one of the greatest in history.”
Joan Laporta “Hristo Stoichkov is more than a football player. From his first day he enthralled Barcelona – the changing room, the fans, people in general. Footballers like him are magnetic. And Barça is a club that loves to attract just such charismatic personalities.”
Sepp Blatter “Bulgaria had no shortage of great players, but Stoichkov towered over all of them.”
Franz Beckenbauer “Hristo Stoichkov is Bulgarian football’s number one. He’s world-class. Many aces from Bulgaria have impressed me, but he is undoubtedly the master of them all..”
Paolo Maldini “Stoichkov was one of the best on the planet. It’s a pity he didn’t come to Milan.”
Diego Maradona “Hristo Stoichkov is one of the greatest of my competitors for being football’s number one.“