Dear clients, the website WWW.8HRISTO.COM is owned by “8 AGENCY” Ltd., registered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency with UIC: 204814984 and registered office and address of management, Sofia, Lozenets district, ul. . “Danail Dechev” №6, fl. 5, apt. 5.

“8 AGENCY” Ltd. is an administrator of personal data and as such processes personal data of each user using our services. In carrying out its activities, WWW.8HRISTO.COM processes information, including that which constitutes personal data within the meaning of the law. The information we collect complies with the legal norms deriving from the Personal Data Protection Act, Regulation (EU) 2016/679, as well as all other sources of law concerning the personal data of the user.

The privacy policy aims to inform you about the way we process the same, as well as your rights related to protection against their misuse.

When using the website WWW.8HRISTO.COM (creating an account and / or order), the user declares and accepts unconditionally that his personal data will be included in the database of “8 AGENCY” Ltd. In this way, the user gives explicit and unambiguous consent for his personal data to be used for the purposes of the General Terms and Conditions.

Personal data is any information related to the identification of the user such as: name, age, gender, telephone, email address, etc. “8 AGENCY” Ltd. does not process a special category of personal data related to your ethnicity, data about your intimate life, biometric and genetic data.

“8 AGENCY” Ltd. has an obligation not to disclose any information provided by a user to third parties, except in cases where there is a reason within the legal provisions.

Users have the right to access the stored personal data relating to him by sending a message to the specified contact address. After receiving them, each user has the right to change or delete their personal data. In case of illegal or illegal use of personal data, any user can seek their rights by submitting a complaint to the Commission for Personal Data Protection (CPDP) with an Internet address:


User address;
Gender data;
Payment details;
Settings and administrative data;
Messages sent to us;
Search the site;
History and logs.


E-shop management activities;
For the purposes of fulfilling the order;
To prevent payment fraud;
Generation of statistics;
Website improvement;
Providing advertisements suitable for you;
Organizing events and registering for them.

The information provided by you is stored for 6 / six / months from the date of deletion of the information or the date of deletion of your account. The cookies used by WWW.8HRISTO.COM have a maximum duration of 120 / one hundred and twenty / days. In case a longer term for storage of your personal data is provided in a legal or normative act, the same will be stored according to the current regulations.

Access to WWW.8HRISTO.COM through social networks / Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc./ provides for separate registration and acceptance of the general conditions of these sites. “8 AGENCY” Ltd. is not responsible for the protection of personal data when accepting these general conditions.


WWW.8HRISTO.COM uses cookies to facilitate site navigation by remembering your preferred preferences. If your device is used by other users, this may change the effect of cookies. Cookies may be disabled by your web browser, which may cause some sections of the site to function properly. “8 AGENCY” Ltd. is not responsible if the Internet browser you use does not support the functions of control of use, refusal to save or delete saved cookies.


“8 AGENCY” Ltd. may disclose personal information to partners / subcontractors / providing services and products related to the company’s activities. Third parties have access to the information you have provided for public use under the conditions set out in the privacy statement.

In cases where “8 AGENCY” Ltd. provides information to third parties, there are mechanisms in place to ensure a level of protection, according to agreed standards. In this way, your personal data is considered confidential for third parties as well.

In litigation and for the purposes of national security, law enforcement or other issues of public importance, “8 AGENCY” Ltd. may provide your personal data.


When providing personal data to “8 AGENCY” Ltd., through the website WWW.8HRISTO.COM, you have the following rights:

To check the information provided by you;
You have the right to access, correct, lock or block your personal data;
You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data;
You have the right to refuse the processing of personal data;
You have the right to file a complaint to the Commission for Personal Data Protection / CPDP /;
You have the right to refuse to have your data processed for the purposes of marketing research;
You have the right to answer who and why processes your personal data.

“8 AGENCY” Ltd. aims to provide you with full transparency in connection with the storage of your personal data. For this purpose, all users can make requests and objections to the Company.

“8 AGENCY” Ltd. may change or supplement this policy, due to new provisions in the legislation, as well as in the case of new services of WWW.8HRISTO.COM.

If you have additional questions, you can contact us at:

Email: [email protected]

Contacts of the current supervisory body: Commission for Personal Data Protection / CPDP / with address: Sofia, 2 Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd., tel .: 029153518, email: [email protected], website: